Spiriro Di Punto! 30 Years of Fiat Punto and Alfa 145 Tea Towel




Do your Furious Driving mugs need drying after washing up? You need the Spirito Di Punto and Alfa 145 tea towel!

2024 is the 30th birthday of two Italian greats – The Fiat Punto and Alfa 145 (and 146)! Both appeared in the UK in 1994, and although both were iconic in deferent ways, the Alfa as the hot hatch everyone wanted but not many dared to take a chance on, and the Punto finding its way onto thousands of drives across Europe, as a favourite of drivers young and old!
This fantastic art work by car artist Mr Jalco features the pair from the Furious Driving fleet – the oldest known Mk1 Fiat Punto in Britain, and the gorgeous blue Alfa 145 Cloverleaf against a suitably Italian backdrop!

Made from 170gsm 100% cotton with a hanging tab in the corner.

This item is printed to order so there may be a delay of a couple of days before delivery.


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